Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fredun Shapur: Playsack

PLAYSACK designed by Fredun Shapur for Trendon (Made In England by Trendon LTD.Malton.Yorkshire) 1969. Found at a local thrift store and gifted to me (Thanks M.D.!!!). My package contains Panda, Leopard, and Bear.

From Design Council Slide Collection

United States Patent

Homemade knock-offs featured in Sunset Book - Things To Make For Children (revised edition) 1973, 1975


Ribambins said...

I saw these while browsing through the 1971 creative playthings catalogue.. and followed the same path ;-) (as far as pictures are concerned...)
Thank you for sharing some pictures of the "round and round and square book". If you ever find more information about Fredun Shapur, I will be mostly interested.
By the way, did you know abour "Schnurpfel" from NAEF ?

lili scratchy said...

I like it very much!!
thank you,

Studio Fludd said...

Thanks for sharing, very interesting - nice design.

Anonymous said...

We just came across 1 lion, 1 leopard, and 3 bears. Anyone interested in purchasing can reach out to me via email. They're all still in the original packaging that says Trendon Toys.

Kickcan & Conkers said...

I am meeting Fredun on Friday in Paris for the launch of a new book about his work!!!

ahoi! said...

What?!!!! Please email and tell me more!