Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Robert Filliou: Mister Blue From Day-to-Day

Mister Blue From Day-to-Day by Robert Filliou, Edition Lebeer Hossman, Brussels, 1983

Filliou wrote this book for his two children in 1963, but it wasn't printed until 1983 (now for his granddaughter). Illustrated by Dieter Roth, Robert Filliou, Stefan Wewerka, Bjorn Roth, Jan Voss, Emil Schult, and Andre Thomkins. English and German text. Edition of 1000 copies.

One very, very hot Wednesday afternoon, Mister Blue walked fully clothed into the sea, lied carefully on his back, and went to sleep, his hat over his face. Actually, he hadn't meant to fall asleep. Wednesday is the day of the week when Mister Blue cures small children of the fear of water, and he had walked into the sea to teach example.
And soon he began to dream...

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