Thursday, May 12, 2011


Ernst smoking / murals hidden under wallpaper, house in Eubonne / paintings in trees, 1939 / Ernst explaining how he gave Jackson Pollock the idea / Ernst in Kachina mask, Sedona, Arizona / Ernst painting Microbes / Microbes in matchbox / Ernst carving
stills from Max Ernst: A Film by Peter Schamoni, 1991 (Image Entertainment, DVD)


Gemma said...

Looks good. Now I really need to watch this film.

Unknown said...

Hello-I'm researching Max Ernst's microbes for an upcoming publication on the artist. Thank you for this very interesting post, which lead me to the movie. I haven't seen it yet but will as soon as it reaches me. I was wondering if you could tell me about the film stills: are these published somewhere or did you do them yourself? Many thanks in advance! Danielle

ahoi! said...

Hi Danielle. I took these stills myself from the DVD.
Good luck with your research. I'd love to see the finished publication.
all the best, Michael