Saturday, July 16, 2011

Everything goes, not anything!

Float, MOMA sculpture garden, 1970 / Floats, 1965 / (exhibition view) Kinetic and Programmed Art, Rhode Island School of Design Providence, 1966 / Floats, 1967 / Breer at work / Float and Rug, Hammarskjold Plaza, NY, 1973 / (exhibition view) Pepsi-Cola Pavilion, Osaka, Expo 1970 / Floor drawing, 1974 / (exhibition view) Genesis Sculpture: Experience #1, Domaine Pommery, Reims, 2004

"...Thus we are dealing with sculptures that have "fallen off their pedestals", like those of Carl Andre, with the difference that they enjoy propulsive autonomy. They are in effect fitted with a system that makes them move forward and change direction on contact with an obstacle. They move at extremely slow speeds so that their movement is not immediately perceptible..." -Juliette Singer
"...I thought of grass and then these objects "semi-obscurs" that were alive, but my thinking was not anthropomorphic or biomorphic in terms of shapes or in terms on content. I was thinking, Sculpture, strangely enough. This was pretty corrupt as I was coming from centuries of art consciousness to arrive at what amounts to a motorized mollusc..." -Robert Breer

from Robert Breer: Films, Floats & Panoramas, Editions De L'Oeil, 2006 (french & english text)

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I see a Dubuffet masterpiece on the right of the first image !
Read a text from him on my blog...