Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My ideas come from up in the air

Woman and Child, Temela Pitsiulak, green stone, ivory, and blacking, 1962 / Son leading father to die, Nakyuraq Akpaliapik, whalebone, and black insets, 1961 / Bird/Man, Iola Abraham Ikkidluak, whalebone, black insets, and graphite, 1968 / Man and woman, artist unknown, ivory, no date / Drum Dancer (detail), Peter Alooloo, whalebone, bone, gutskin, and black insets, 1962

Baffin Island, The Winnipeg Art Gallery, 1983 (post title, Lypa Pitsulak)


Diana G. said...

amazing. today, internet good.

William Keckler said...

Love these. Makes me think of Karoo Ashevek.