Monday, May 31, 2010


Living (carte da gioco per immaginare la propria vita) by Enzo Mari and Paolo Gallerani, Edizioni Per Bambini, Danese, Milano, 1976 (Italian language).
Playing cards to imagine his/her own life (rough translation)---A game for children. The set of cards is divided into 8 decks (with 10 cards each) representing various categories, such as profession ("i am a..."), home ("My home is..."), place ("I live in..."), neighbours ("My Neighbour is..."), possessions ("I own a..."), etc.
30 years later, Mari used these cards in lectures to architecture students in order to "broaden and improve the quality of their design horizon". A website called LIVING - exercises by Enzo Mari documents these lectures, complete with video and an interactive version of the game (in English). In 2006, Domus reprinted the set to include in an issue of the magazine.

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