Monday, May 17, 2010

ENZO MARI: soggetti e sequenze

Carte Da Disegno 5: Soggetti e Sequenze (Drawing Cards 5: Subjects and Sequences) by Enzo Mari, Danese, Milano, 1978 (first edition). Sheaf containing 6 sheets of drawing paper---2 blank and 4 with printed images for children to embellish and complete. Each sheet is 38.5 X 6.7 inches. All 5 sets of Mari's drawing cards have been reissued by Corraini. (the above images are cropped details) these apparently impervious traces of world Mari has slipped in the unexpected chance outlet, the pick-lock that flings wide the door. It will be a pleasure for all to come across the hole in the wire-netting, the window left open, the dream shared.

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Greg Allen said...

wow, that is fantastic. Developmentally misguided, but fantastic. And so big!

Anonymous said...

"The very real sadness of what is asked of the child is incommensurable." - amazing.

BTW, you're my new favorite blog -Kleenex covers and Moomin a heavenly combination.

Please never stop!