Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ruth Krauss: Something Else Press

There's a little ambiguity over there among the bluebells by Ruth Krauss (with graphics by Marilyn Harris), Something Else Press, 1968
One of only a few books Ruth Krauss wrote for an adult audience, this book of "Theatre Poems" was published by Something Else Press (founded by Fluxus artist Dick Higgins). Includes contributions by Dick Higgins, George Brecht, and Remy Charlip. Some of the poems previously appeared in her 1965 book The Cantilever Rainbow.
Maybe best known as the author of The Carrot Seed (illustrated by her husband Crockett Johnson), Ruth Krauss was also Maurice Sendak's mentor and early collaborator. She worked with countless illustrators, including Ad Reinhardt (!), Phyllis Rowland, Marc Simont, Mary Blair, Ellen Raskin and Remy Charlip.
"At a time when children's books tended to be didactic, with lots of text, Ms. Krauss pioneered the use of minimal text, concentrating on precise language and working closely with an illustrator". -From NY Times obituary

A Hole is to Dig: A First Book of Definitions by Ruth Krauss and Maurice Sendak, 1952

Is This You? by Ruth Krauss and Crockett Johnson, 1955

The Thumbprint by Ruth Krauss, 1967

Bears by Ruth Krauss and Phyllis Rowland, 1948

A Moon or a Button: A Collection of First Picture Ideas by Ruth Krauss and Remy Charlip, 1959

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