Saturday, June 12, 2010


Daphne by Sigmar Polke, Snoeck Publishers, Ghent, 2004, 440 pages, edition of 1000 copies, signed by the artist. This is no. 742
"Created directly by Polke himself, Daphne is a book with 23 chapters illustrated in large-format photocopies. Each "copy" of the book differs, as each has been photocopied and manipulated individually, pulled from the machine by the hand and watchful eye of the artist".


hoola whoop said...

have you seen this yet?

Although I live very close to the city where this edition was printed, I haven't found a trace of it in any Belgian bookshop or library. Very frustrating!

ahoi! said...

Hi Liene, Yes, I saw it. Thanks for the link. You should also check out an older post where Greg asks some interesting logistical questions about the making of (or the improbability of the making of) Daphne.

I saw an unfinished prototype many years ago in Paris, and later traded with a shop in Santa Monica for my copy. Hope you find it one day soon.