Thursday, July 22, 2010

David Weiss, 1975

up and down town by David Weiss, Edition Galerie Stähli, Zürich, 1975
(edition of 1000 copies)
Early work by David Weiss (of Fischli and Weiss)


Michael Crowe said...

Brilliant post. (I met David Weiss once, he was extremely lovely.)

Anonymous said...

1973 I was living for two weeks in his house, a kind of "community", in Zurich. He was drawing comics for his underground fanzine, then. And I tried to sell them on Zurich's streets :-)
Two years later he kindly has sent me a signed book (his "up and down town" with a personal dedication) and a three-page letter.
Yes, he was (and probably still is) a very lovely man.

-kdm (Berlin)

ahoi! said...

Hi kdm,
Woah. Thanks for writing. I'd love to see that fanzine!
All the best,