Thursday, July 1, 2010

A to B

one and another (with folded corner), acrylic and hardboard on hardboard, each panel is 6X8inches. (My contribution to the exhibition A to B)

A to B

1. An exhibition of artworks and objects having to do with order, sequence and consecutiveness, including pairs, successive things, lists, instructions, corrections and rules.

2. The exhibition will consist of existing artworks, new works made specifically for the exhibition, contemporary and archival photographs, books, items cut from newspapers, records, before and after photographs, commercial samples, historical conceptual art documents, games, and a variety of found items.

3. The exhibition will be presented primarily in a series of vitrines. Additionally, one site-specific work will be installed on the interior walls of the gallery, while another will be installed on the outside of the gallery, with vinyl lettering provided by The Lettering Shop.

4. The exhibition includes work by Micah Adams, Abbas Akhavan, Stephen Andrews, Cecilia Berkovic, Mike Billington, Michael Buckland,
Paul Butler, Neil Campbell, Claude Closky, Greg Curnoe, Simon Cutts, Dean Drever, Michael Dumontier, Dave Dyment, Gerald Ferguson, Ingo Gerken, Charles Goldman, Dave Heath, Joel Herman, Spring Hurlbut, Tom Koken, Michael Maranda, Kelly Mark, John Marriott, Tom Molloy, Tania Mouraud, Ken Nicol, Roman Opalka, Ryan Park, Roula Partheniou, Kay Rosen, Alison Rossiter, Jon Sasaki, Jeannie Thib, Josh Thorpe, Joy Walker, Lawrence Weiner and Laurel Woodcock.

5. The exhibition takes place at
MKG127, 127 Ossington Ave, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6J 2Z6, (647) 435-7682. Open Wednesday to Saturday 12 to 6 pm or by appointment.

6. The exhibition opens Saturday, July 3rd (with a reception from 1:23 to 4:56 pm) and continues until July 31, 2010.

7. The exhibition was organized for MKG127 by
Micah Lexier.

Kay Rosen's Hi 1997/2010 (MKG127)


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