Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In Praise of Elwood Snock

Michael Hurley:
Armchair Boogie, Raccoon/Warner Brothers, 1971, (LP and homemade cassette) (Cassette lovingly dubbed by Mr. Hurley from a somewhat noisy vinyl copy) LP includes the comic Boone & Jocko in the Barren, Choking Land)
Hi Fi Snock Uptown, Raccoon/Warner Brothers, 1972 (LP and homemade cassette)
Parsnip Snips, Veracity (Germany), 1995, LP (unreleased home-recordings 1965-72)

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zoe said...

I love Michael Hurley. I saw him play earlier this summer at a little bar in Millheim, PA. He blew me away. Thanks for this great post!