Monday, August 30, 2010

Richard Boulet: One Long Brutally Mangled Epiphany - Oh Well

Richard Boulet
Epiphany / Epiphany (cross-stitch detail) / Step 1AAAA / Ex Voto / Residual (cross-stitch detail), / Scream Like a Shot Deer / No Longer Homeless / No Longer Homeless (cross-stitch detail) / Subterranean Microscope / Governance
fabric appliqué and cross-stitch, 2004-2005
My involvement with the cross-stitch gives me a tangible feeling of being in the moment plus my thoughts are able to delve into the past, my previous psychotic life before being diagnosed with schizophrenia, and my mental health recovery. I allow for such rumination as, quite frankly, I need to make sense of this schizophrenia situation and give it peace.

With cross-stitch and quilting I feel I am understanding that work learned in a safe home can follow me into the world and add strength to my character to do more than just survive. I can flourish. Is this the traditional quiet message behind all the sewing and stitching created by countless mothers for their families?
-Richard Boulet
Richard Boulet lives and works in Edmonton, Alberta.
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images courtesy of the artist (Thanks Richard!)

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