Sunday, November 13, 2011

Einfarar í íslenskri myndlist

Ásgeir Emilsson's house in Seyðisfjörð / Oskar Magnusson and Blómey Stefánsdóttir with their woven portrait of Joseph Stalin (late 1970's) / Eggert Magnússon, A Falconer in Hamburg, 1984 / Ísleifur Konráðsson, Hofgardar, The farmstead of a Saga-period settler, 1962 / Gunnar Gudmundsson and Guðmunda Jónsdóttir's living room / Stefan Jonsson of Möðrudalur, Sheep of Mount Herdubreid, 1982 / Grima, Leaf boats (no date)
from Naive and Fantastic Art in Iceland, Adalsteinn Ingólfsson, Iceland Review, Reykjavik, 1989 (previously)

This one goes to Will Schofield of 50Watts (formerly A Journey Round My Skull). Stopping Off Place was recently honoured with a two part feature on Will's mindbending blog. See his selection of the best of Stopping Off Place in Black & White and Colour. Thanks!