Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Neill & Summerhill: A Man and His Work (a pictorial study by John Walmsley), Penguin Educational Special, Penguin Books, 1969---The Summerhill School was founded by A.S. Neill in 1921. Ivor Cutler was once a teacher there.
I'm off again, but will be back to posting in a week or so. Bye for now.


jamie said...

rad. i picked up as neil's book at a used bookstore when i was a teenager and it blew my mind re: education.

cool to see these photos!

Ben said...

so awesome

Polly said...

Thank you for these! It's funny, I just read this book in a bookstore last week. I had to convince myself not to buy it, as I already have so many books on Summerhill, but I'll probably go back and get it soon.

Ben said...

this book gets mentioned in the sunday ny times, in a cool article about the home-schooled heidenry family.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm John Walmsley who took the photos at Summerhill School in 1967+8. Glad you all like the book. See more images here on my website:
With luck, there will be one or two new books of Summerhill photos available in the Spring of 2012.
All the very best to you.
John Walmsley, photographer.