Monday, June 7, 2010

David Dunlap: Small Animals Make First Paths

THIS IS ALWAYS FINISHED (DAVID DUNLAP), Des Moines Art Center, Iowa, 1989
artist/teacher/walnut farmer
more about David here and here.
also see Hamlett Dobbins' beautiful studio visit photos, walnut farms 05.17.05 and 10.31.03


rosanne eveleigh said...

wow! incred. do you have the pdf of this?

ahoi! said...

Hi Rosanne,
Sorry, no PDF, just these scans I made from my copy. If I ever scan more, I'll send your way. Thanks.

rosanne eveleigh said...

oh thanks! it looks wonderful! can't even find a copy on internet for sale. want to poke my real life nose in it.