Monday, March 28, 2011

misc. bookshelf

Modernās Zinātnes Problēmas by Prof. Dr. Chem. B. Jirgensons, 1947 (latvian)(thanks S.H.)
Up Above & Down Below by Irma E. Weber, William R. Scott Inc., 1943

Safar Jaaree Hai by Ram Prakash, 1986 (front and back cover)

Bird Song Recording by Frederick Purves, The Focal Press , London, 1962

Madrasat Al-Hobb by Anis Mansur, 1984 (arabic)


dispo said...

These are great! What's "Safar Jaaree Hai" about?

versus said...

Belle leçon de lecture en tirant la couverture à soi !
Versus from Quercy France.

ahoi! said...

Hi Dispo. "Social Novel" appears in English under the title on the front page. Hindi?

Merci Versus.

dispo said...

Thanks for the additional information! "Social novel" seems to work with this illustration somehow, but don't ask me to explain why. The drawing is really incredible (in many ways).