Thursday, May 26, 2011

Albert Cullum

stills from A Touch of Greatness (1964), Literature Au-Go-Go! (1966), From Sea To Shining Sea (1966), all produced and directed by Albert Cullum, shot and edited by Robert Downey (Putney Swope), music by Tom O'Horgan (with students)

audio excerpts from A Touch Of Greatness and Literature Au-Go-Go

These films are included (as DVD bonus features) with the documentary A Touch Of Greatness, a film by Leslie Sullivan, PBS/First Run Films, 2004

Albert Cullum was an elementary school teacher in Rye, NY, from 1956-66. Cullum believed that children should have early exposure to literary classics, and together with his fifth graders, he produced plays by Shakespeare, Sophocles and Shaw. His friend Robert Downey filmed these events in and out of the classroom, making three incredible short films.
More here. Documentary trailer here.
"Every child should have the chance to play the part of St. Joan before the age of twelve, because the older you get, the more difficult it is to hear the voices of St. Margaret and St. Catherine calling you." -A.Cullum

thanks to Burgin at VKBMKL for her post that sent me off to find this.
Ben, this one's for you.


B. Streetman said...

sooo good.

dispo said...

Wow, absolutely wonderful. "Vote for Louisa May Alcott." This must be footage from a better world.

ahoi! said...

well said, dispo.

thanks again, Burgin.