Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fredun Shapur: Four Faces

Masks from the Four Faces portfolio designed by Fredien Shapur [sic] and produced by Creative Playthings, Princeton, NJ.
from Masks, Face Coverings and Headgear by Norman Laliberté and Alex Mogelon, Van Nostrand Reinhold, NY, 1973 (This book arrived in the mail today. It's amazing and deserves a whole week of posts, but I thought I'd start with this. Has anyone seen these before?! Thanks to P+W!)

Fredun Shapur previously


Simon Bloor said...

There was a set of the masks on eBay a couple of years ago:

It's a great image!

ahoi! said...

Thanks Simon! I should have known it would be somewhere in the R.L. archives.

AB said...

Another heart-breaker from the R.L. archive. I can't remember if the eBay listing was for just the box or the actual masks.

Simon: I really loved your Eastside projects installation. I got a few of the books from James at last year's NY Art Book Fair.

aaron said...

in the projectobject shop: