Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Iela Mari: Il Mondo Attraverso una Lente

Iela Mari: The World Through a Lens, Babalibri, Milano, 2010 (Italian and English language)
Catalogue for the first Italian survey exhibition of Iela Mari's work, held as part of The Bologna Children's Book Fair. An overdue study of her children's books, including sketches, prototypes, and edition variations, beginning with her first book from 1960 (in collaboration with her then husband, Enzo Mari). She currently lives in Milan. "With the simplicity of the act of breathing, her lucid gaze explores small things: nature, animals, blades of grass, silence, the air."

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Peter Nencini said...

This is a revelation. Never seen her work before. The sectioned explanatory apple drawing is so well balanced between objectivity and stylisation. Thanks for posting, M. Will go look for more of her.

ahoi! said...

Hi Peter,
Yes, there's much more to see. Enjoy.

Cristiana C. said...

Hi! Thanks for posting on Iela Mari, she's one of the pillars of italian illustration and so badly known, at least not as much as she should be! I greatly appreciate your choice!

greg from daddytypes said...

Amazing, I had no idea.

Nome Alone said...

Awesome! Love your blog.