Tuesday, October 22, 2013


The Song of Quetzalcoatl, 1962, Francoise Riopelle and Jean-Paul Mousseau / Pierre Gauvreau, ink drawing, 1954 / Mousseau-Riopelle exhibition at Muriel Guilbault's apartment, Montreal, 1947 / Mousseau-Riopelle exhibition, 1947 / Jeanne Renaud and Francoise Sullivan dancing Dualite, 1948 / Scene from the play Bien-etre by Claude Gauvreau, 1947 / Jean Renaud dancing on a Paris rooftop, 1950 / Pierre Gauvreau, ink drawing, 1954

from Egregore: A History of The Montreal Automatist Movement by Ray Ellenwood, Exile Editions, 1992


Juliette gaudino said...

https://www.facebook.com/curiosityfeed?ref=hl posted your blog here. Cheers ! J.

Mackenzie Frère said...


have you seen Marie Chouinard's latest piece based on ink drawings of Henri Michaux?

link is here... http://www.mariechouinard.com/henri-michaux-352.html There are also videos on youtube. An amazing work.

Mackenzie Kelly-Frere