Friday, February 5, 2010

Fritz Der Wolkenfahrer

Fritz Der Wolkenfahrer (Fritz The Cloud Driver), Karl Behrens and Franz Kiesewetter, Hermann Schaffstein Verlag, Cologne, no date (1948 or 1950?)


Anonymous said...

So beautiful! Thanks for posting this, and all the other great things you've brought together on your blog!

Anonymous said...

"Fritz der Wolkenfahrer" belongs to the series "Schaffsteins Blaue Bändchen", which came to print from 1920 - 1933. The series is related to an intended - but never completed - educational reform called "Arbeitsschule" ("Working School"). In the past, it has been discussed under different points of view.
Karl Behrens and Franz Kiesewetter, the authors of the booklet, were teachers from Oldenbug. In the preface ("Vorbemerkung") they point to the relation of the booklet to the "Arbeitsschule".
As I see from Your contribution the publisher Schaffstein has released a new printing after the second world war (i. e. after 1945). Unfortunately, no exact information is available to me.
I own some older german editions only:
- "Tra-ri-ra, Alte deutsche Kinderlieder" - Band 1 - 1921
- "Träumereien an französischen Kaminen" - Band 140 - 1922
- "Klein Heini, ein Großstadtjunge"( unvollst., ohne Datum )