Thursday, February 18, 2010

Syd Barrett's floor



YHBHS said...

those floors are beautiful.

really great blog here.

all the best,
david john

jonny mendelsson said...

I stumbled upon your blog and very beautiful it is too!

This post was nice, you and your readers may be interested to know that theres actually an article about the floor inMarch 2010 Mojo magazine.

Apparently photographer Storm Thorgerson rang Barrett to inform him he was coming over to take photos for the album cover. The floor was painted especially for the shoot

ahoi! said...

Thanks Jonny! I'll definitely look for that. I've been obsessed with this floor for a while. Do we know what colours it was painted? They look different with every photograph.

Felix Atagong said...

This has been discussed at the (semi-official) The Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit blog. See
and its heated sequel