Monday, February 1, 2010

Remy Charlip: It Looks Like Snow


It Looks Like Snow by Remy Charlip, Young Scott Books, 1957 [32]pp
For John Cage
Set by hand and printed by Igal Roodenko in and edition of 750
Wraparound cover, constructed to be mailed. This one wasn't.

The book was reprinted by William Morrow and Co. in 1983 and again in french as On Dirait Qu'il Neige by Edition Les Trois Ourses in 2000. Apparently, Bruno Munari responded with his own book Little White Riding Hood (Cappuccetto Bianco), Corraini, 1999.

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I'm a french student and I'm writing an essay about Remy Charlip's picture books. I've already acquired several of his books but I still miss "It looks like snow", "Dress up and let's have a party" and " What is the world". So, I wanted to know if it would be possible for you and if you would agree to scan the totality of these three books (if you have it of course). If you're ok, please contact me at

Many thanks.
Best regards,

Coralie Douard