Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Cree: What They Do Book by Anne Anderson, 1970


Debbie Reese said...

Interesting... can you say more about the book? And the author? Is there any English in the book at all?

ahoi! said...

Hi Debbie,
Unfortunately, I can't say too much about the book. Other than the year and the credit: "Arrangement: Anne Anderson", there is no location or any other publication information. I assume it was self published. Each page is followed by a page of english translation.
It was a library discard.

A quick google search shows that Dr. Anne Anderson wrote many other Cree language related books. She died in 1997.

ahoi! said...

It looks like she was Metis Cree and lived in Alberta.

Archivist/Cultural Liaison said...

someone should scan the whole book to preserve it as i am sure it contains things not found elsewhere.