Sunday, June 19, 2011

W. Reginald Bray (Freak Letters)

postcard to "Any Resident of London", 1899 / script from BBC radio programme, 1935 /envelope crocheted by Bray's mother, 1899

from The Englishman Who Posted Himself and Other Curious Objects by John Tingey, Princeton Architectural Press, NY, 2010---The book documents W. Reginald Bray's experiments with the postal system. Bray's postcard addressed to "Any Resident of London" predates Ben Vautier's "Postman's Choice" by 66 years! Read more here at A Sound Awareness (thanks Martin!)

I was reminded of this book as a postal strike continues here in Canada.


Peter Nencini said...

Forest Hill; just 5 minutes up the road from us! Mr. Bray. Need to find out where he lived...

ahoi! said...

Hi Peter,
It looks like the address he did most of his work from was
135 Devonshire Rd.
Forest Hill, Kent

But he also lived at
13 Queenswood Rd., Forest Hill
from 1909-1912