Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm looking for lasting relations with green-fly, spider, or maggot

Bill Fay. Beautiful. This!, this! and this! ...Everything.
I could never say enough about this man's music. Thank you, Mr. Fay.

Garden Song and Tiny from the compilation From The Bottom of an Old Grandfather Clock (a collection of outtakes and demos 1966-1970) (now, sadly, out of print), Wooden Hill, 2004. (If any of the invloved parties would like me to remove the audio, please let me know.)


Ben said...

Yeah, total genius. From the Bottom of an Old Grandfather Clock is my fave.

Will said...

I love Bill Fay too! "Brighton Beach" is a fave from the demos. Another Wooden Hill cd classic is Oliver's Standing Stone.

ahoi! said...

Glad to hear you're both fans.

Will, Thanks for the dedication today! That book looks amazing.

matt said...

thank you SO much. first the burton / nest connect now this? just acquired Still Some Light and can't wait to listen.

[uzine] said...

Oliver is superb indeed, but more in a Captain Beefheart vein. If you like Bill Fay, you maight want to check out Michael Chapman too. See also + ;-) And

ahoi! said...

Hey Matt,
I'm so glad. Really, my pleasure.

I'm slowly following up on your leads. Thanks. Your site looks great.